Welcome to Cirani’s blog: A one place for biblical teaching on human challenges

Hi, my name is Elizabeth.  I am a career information specialist who loves to curate and repackage useful knowledge.  I am also an empath in nature which makes me sensitive to other people’s suffering.

My own challenges and those of others prompted me to begin a journey of deep research in an attempt to provide answers to myself and others. In many instances, I sought answers from family, pastors, and friends. While some of the advice was useful, some counsel left me hurting more. I therefore committed time to scan through the many resources that are freely available online and in books.

I use a basic criteria to collect the teachings: Is the teaching based on biblical teaching and is it gospel centered?

As I started curating resources, I realized there is a lot wrong teachings about how Christians should face such challenges as abuse in marriage, mental issues, raising children, other varied challenges. 

While these teachings are primarily for those with an understanding of the Christian faith, most content is useful to all who could be going through hardship, for suffering, pain and discomfort is not a respector of person.

These teachings have helped me a great deal and would; like to share them with you.

I acknowledge that apart from my blog posts, this site contains intellectual content owned by others. The copyright belongs to the original creators or the works and repackaging and distribution is covered by the creative commons commons license.


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